PREP:  For best results, remove surface dirt, oil, grease or anything that could present a barrier between Metal Rescue GEL and the surface of the metal.  Pre-cleaning is not required, but the speed and performance of GEL will greatly improve if dirt and grease are removed before application.

APPLY:  Use gloves. Apply a 1/8” thick layer of Metal Rescue GEL (via brush, roller or wipe on) to rusted area on metal’s surface. (1/8” is approximately the same thickness as two pennies stacked on top of each other.) GEL will darken in color as rust is removed.

WRAP:  Do not allow GEL to dry – GEL must remain moist to remove rust. To keep GEL moist, use Metal Rescue’s signature plastic wrap method:

  • Tear one sheet of household plastic wrap from roll, slightly larger than application area.
  • Lay sheet of wrap over surface of GEL, making sure that entire application area is covered.
  • Ensure edges of wrap are secure to protect GEL from exposure to air.

Check periodically and reapply wrap if more process time is needed. Process time is dependent on severity of rust:

  • Light rust up to 2 hours
  • Moderate rust up to 12 hours
  • Heavy rust up to 24 hours

If stubborn rust remains, repeat application process.

REMOVE/PROTECT:  Once desired results are achieved, rinse or wipe off GEL completely. Result is clean, bare metal ready for use or additional processing.

Can Gel be used on painted surfaces?

Metal Rescue GEL will not remove or harm the vast majority of paint coatings, with a few exceptions.

#1 If a layer of rust has formed under the paint some of the paint coating will be lost as GEL removes the rust and therefore the paint on top of the rust.

#2 Some paints and inks (typically red/orange), especially old paints, may use iron oxide pigment. GEL has been engineered to remove iron oxide in all forms, therefore it may dissolve the pigment in these types of paints.

#3 Painted metal items with flaking or cracking surfaces or chipping/deteriorating paint or coatings may not be suited for rust removal–whether it is GEL or a different product–and may experience unexpected damage. If in doubt, test a small area on the part prior to use.

We strongly advise that “when in doubt, test it out.”  Test a small, unseen area on the item before proceeding with your project.

How to dispose:

As supplied, GEL is environmentally friendly and contains no VOCs, solvents, or hazardous ingredients.  However, if hazardous waste or contaminants (certain oils, paints, heavy metals, etc.) are introduced into the GEL, check local and federal disposal requirements.

How to store:

Store unused GEL for up to one year. Keep closed and out of direct sunlight. When in use, avoid contamination.


Use gloves. Wash hands after use. If GEL comes into contact with skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes. If eye contact occurs, flush with water. If symptoms develop from exposure, seek immediate medical attention.