B’laster Corporation Launches Groundbreaking PB Penetrating Grease Plus Full Professional-Grade Grease Line

Introducing a one-of-a-kind grease engineered to work the best in corrosive environments plus a full line of premium greases that offer superior lubrication for any condition.

Cleveland, Ohio, October 31, 2017 – The B’laster Corporation announced today the launch of the groundbreaking PB Penetrating Grease. This one-of-a-kind product combines the Original PB B’laster, the #1-selling penetrant, with a high-quality synthetic grease. The company also debuted today a full line of professional-grade traditional greases. All B’laster greases serve a wide variety of industries, including automotive, farm and agriculture, construction, industrial, marine, and mining.

“We developed PB Penetrating Grease to be the best grease for corrosive environments,” said Tom Hrabak, Engineer at B’laster Corporation. “Its unique time-release formulation allows our proprietary PB B’laster to wick its way into rusted or corroded areas over time. While this capillary action is occurring, the grease, which we’ve engineered to be of the highest caliber, remains in place to provide superior lubrication and act as an anti-seize.”

In addition, B’laster now offers a full line of professional-grade traditional greases:
• Extra Tacky Red Grease: A Lithium Complex grease, this general-purpose product delivers extreme pressure and high-temperature protection.
• Pro-Grade Multi-Purpose Grease: This Lithium Complex grease offers superior general purpose lubrication for a wide variety of routine applications.
• Waterproof Marine Grease: Designed for the wettest environments, this Calcium Sulfonate grease offers long-lasting lubrication and is virtually waterproof.
• Maximum Heavy-Duty Grease: This Calcium Sulfonate grease contains extreme pressure additives to protect even in the severest operating conditions.

“We set out to create an innovative penetrating grease backed by a complete line of premium greases consisting only of products that meet the standards of professionals,” said Randy Pindor, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing. “The continuous feedback we gathered from an independent Mechanics Council throughout the product development phase affirms our success and that PB Penetrating Grease redefines what grease can do.”

PB Penetrating Grease is available as a cartridge, aerosol spray, brush top tub and squeeze tube. The four traditional greases are all available as cartridges.

For more information about B’laster Corporation, call (800) 858-6605 or visit www.blastercorp.com. You can also find B’laster on Facebook: www.facebook.com/BlasterProducts and Twitter: www.twitter.com/BlasterProducts.